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Shenzhen Diexun Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Diexun), founded in 1995 and launched online in 2005, is an innovative Internet that focuses on the growth and development of designers and is dedicated to the construction of the fashion industry ecosystem. enterprise. Keeping fashion within reach is the mission of Butterfly. Diexun applies Internet technology to open up the connection between producers and consumers, eliminates the problem of information asymmetry in the fashion industry, and is committed to bringing everyone in the world to zero-distance contact with fashion. Since its inception, Diexun has developed rapidly, and has now developed into a comprehensive and professional Internet service provider for the fashion industry, as well as an ecological platform for the fashion industry. In the past 20 years, Butterfly News Network has focused on the fashion industry, gathered advantageous industry resources, and extended services to all links in the industry chain, building up four major industry services: Butterfly News: Global fashion forecasting and trend analysis service provider, designer inspiration Acquisition platform. Butterfly Education: International study tour, vocational training, interactive communication, career channel, designer learning platform. Diction mall: Trend landing, designer brand incubation, and supply chain integration. Designer industry resource docking platform. Butterfly Industry's four major industry services, taking fashion designers as the core, linking information and information business, consumer services, designer growth, and industry chain trade business, connecting industry user groups, combining service channels of ground experience stores + Internet + mobile terminals to create The ecosystem that runs through the fashion industry chain. For more than 20 years, Butterfly has focused on the fashion industry, and has worked with the International Fashion Color Council, the Asian Color Consultants (Hong Kong) Federation, the French High Fashion Association, the British Fashion Association, the Italian National Fashion Association, the World Graphic Design Association, the Japanese Fashion Color Association, The French ESMOD Institute of Advanced Fashion Art and Design, the Paris LES Fashion Design Institute, the South Korean Malcom Bridge, the Italian Kalarav, the Spanish Vasilee, the French Vincent (ADS), the Italian Anna (FWD) and other institutions form strategic partners. At the same time, ygycw.com (stock code: 833885) has been rated as "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Top Ten Enterprises in Guangdong Internet Vertical Service Field" for many years; it has many certifications such as software companies, software products, and computer software copyrights. . Diexun's vision is to build a global fashion ecosystem. Butterfly News will focus on fashion designers, and is committed to solving the problem of asymmetry of information among brands, raw materials manufacturers and consumers, continuing to promote the integration of the fashion industry chain, and creating a fashion industry ecosystem. Butterfly News has been actively participating in public welfare undertakings, striving to assume corporate social responsibility, and promoting social development. In 2015, Butterfly News established a charity fund to actively help children in poor areas grow. Diexun has been fighting for the most respected Internet enterprise ideals!


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